Thank you very much for reading Win at Home First.  

As mentioned in the introduction, God nudged me to hand over my story for a greater story.   
You are part of that greater story.
My prayer is this book and these resources will help you win at work and at home.

People often ask me why I wrote this book.

As I tell them, clients hire me to help them improve their work culture, define their vision and values, as well as equip and empower their team.
However, during the one-on-one coaching calls with clients, what is truly ‘keeping them up at night‘ is how to better connect with their spouse, how to be more engaged with their teenage daughter, how to lose 10 pounds, how to drink less.   
When leaders win at home first, they have the capacity and margin to lead well at work.  Win at Home First is the guide.
The book is based on my personal and vulnerable journey, plus client stories, and actionable and repeatable tools that helped bring restoration to my life and catalyst for greater impact with those I lead.
I don’t know where you fall – looking to win at home or work or both – but hopefully, you are making more progress due to Win at Home First.
Please let me know how I can help!   Here is my contact information: and 720-301-8377
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