June 8, 2021 Cory Carlson

Rebounding from a panic attack and handling anxiety and depression | Podcast interview with Bryan Kaiser

Wow! I met Bryan Kaiser a few years ago and was impressed with him. Husband, father, business owner on a rocket launch of growth and seemed to have it all together.

However, I am even more impressed with him after his vulnerability on this week’s podcast.

I know many people (myself included) will relate to his story – maybe not exactly to the details of a panic attack on a day in November 2019 – but can relate to the feelings and actions that led up to it. As well as how he has navigated since then.

As busy leaders, there is a lot to learn from this podcast.

In this episode, you’ll discover… 

  • How running your family like a well-oiled business prevents you from bankrupting your marriage ([2:59]
  • 4 questions that help you easily craft your life’s vision statement tonight ([5:38]
  • The weird way being ruthlessly selfish helps you love your wife and children more ([6:30]
  • How burning out in your career drowns your mind with anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts (and how to overcome these nasty feelings) ([14:01]
  • The insidious way too much success can cause you to have a heart attack in your early 40s ([15:56]
  • Why exercise is perhaps the single best way to banish anxiety and depression ([17:44]
  • How sharing your weaknesses, shortcomings, and failures makes you stronger (especially if it feel like it makes you less of a man) ([27:03]
  • The “3S System” that prevents you from becoming so exhausted you give yourself a panic attack ([33:02]
  • How taking a “Sabbath Day” every week doubles your productivity ([34:03])

Bryan Kaiser’s bio:

Bryan is the Founding Partner and President of Vernovis, a boutique consulting firm, serving small & mid-sized businesses in the Cincinnati, Dayton & Columbus, Ohio areas. He helps companies complete critical business initiatives that are championed by their Technology & Financial leaders.

Vernovis uses a resource-based consulting model to deliver Subject Matter Experts who fill capacity & knowledge gaps to get your critical projects completed on time. This model works because our consultants have sat in your seat and understand the unique and pressing challenges you face.

Our experts complete your projects. Period.

Vernovis is Latin for “New, Vision and Trust”​. The core values of the company are Integrity, Collaboration and Customer Service – values that are often talked about but not demonstrated in the business world today. Bryan is passionate about transparency, authenticity, honesty and trust – cornerstones of solid relationships and partnerships.

Bryan is an active participant in impacting the Cincinnati community in a positive way with a focus on entrepreneurship, racial unity, childhood education, overcoming poverty and incarceration. He is also passionate about personal and organizational transformation.

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