Why Being Real is So Important | Podcast interview with Laura Susic








  1. Why Being Real is So Important | Podcast interview with Laura Susic

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In this episode, you’ll learn…

  1. Why “running after the algorithm” kills your ability to connect with your audience ([4:56])

  2. The surprising reason that sharing your flaws creates powerful bonds with other people ([9:54])

  3. How to build the kind of bulletproof partnership with your spouse that helps you overcome any family challenge ([11:57])

  4. Why judging your spouse on their actions is hypocritical and destroys the relationship ([13:39])

  5. What most parents get wrong about having difficult conversations with their children and how you can avoid making the same mistake ([20:30])

  6. How the “permission to say no” can make your life more fulfilling ([33:01])

Laura Susic Bio:

I am television producer with 23 years of experience in the business. My career began in local news working in Columbia, MO, Cleveland, OH, Indianapolis, IN and finally back at home in St. Louis at KTVI. In 2007, I turned my focus to freelance projects. This included serving as the Executive Producer of “In Depth with Graham Bensinger.” From 2011-2017 we traveled the world to interview high profile athletes for the nationally-syndicated series.

My passion for storytelling was reignited in January of 2019, after creating and launching “Whatz It Feel Like.” I am so passionate about this digital platform designed to get real about getting through life. People share their stories about what it feels like to live through addiction, suicide, bullying, multiple sclerosis, autism….etc. My goal is to make sure people realize they are never alone! COVID has put production on hold these last few months, but we plan to resume our interviews this fall. Whatz it Feel like has 20K subscribers on YouTube/2 million+ views and grows daily on Facebook and Instagram!

Here is the YouTube link to ‘Whatz It Feel Like”

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