June 23, 2021 Cory Carlson

One Degree Better: Nick Spicher interviews me to discuss getting one degree better in your family, spirituality, and business

This podcast episode was a new experience because it was my turn to be on the hot seat!

I have been a guest on numerous podcasts, but this one was different.

Nick Spicher is a business leader in Cincinnati, a good friend, and has been a client of mine for four years!

So, to say the least, he knows me much better than the other podcast interviewers.

Nick has wanted to do this episode style for awhile because he wanted to share with you what he hears in coaching sessions because it has been helpful in his business, marriage, and parenting.

Let’s be clear, I don’t have it all figured out. Just because I wrote ‘Win at Home First’ doesn’t mean my house is perfect. We have our bad days as well.

However, I share those challenges with my clients as well as what we did to recalibrate to get better each day.

Clients have breakthrough because they realize they are not alone.

Our hope is this episode can provide some breakthrough to you as well.

Nick asks me questions on my business, marriage, and parenting. We also go deeper into a few of Nick’s favorite coaching concepts over the years.

In this episode, you’ll discover… 

  • Hate promoting yourself and your business? Here’s why it’s easier to do it at the beginning of your day ([4:47]
  • The “Why Discipline Strategy” that builds respect, gives your children ownership, and encourages them to do their chores every day without being asked ([6:50]
  • The “Invitation Challenge Matrix” that helps you have more fun with your children without sacrificing your authority ([9:39]
  • The dirt-simple nightly gratitude challenge that turns you from a pessimist into an optimist ([13:06]
  • Why looking forward to business and family conflicts helps you conquer them instead of burning out ([23:19]
  • The strange way driving a different way to your office helps your business grow ([26:14]
  • How being vulnerable about your weaknesses makes you a stronger and more relatable leader ([28:28]

Nick Spicher bio:

Nick Spicher has been married to his wife Nicki for 13 years, and has 3 young kids. 

Nick currently serves as the Vice President of the Kroger team for Harvest Group, in Cincinnati.  Before starting the Kroger office for Harvest Group in 2015, Nick spent the majority of his career in sales at Procter & Gamble. 

Nick has a passion for blending faith and entrepreneurship and lives it out through his work with organizations such as Crossroads Church, Unpolished, and Habitat for Humanity.

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