September 14, 2020 Cory Carlson

Lessons learned from a brewery tour with an 8-year-old.

A highlight of the weekend was a brewery to brewery bike ride with my wife Holly Carlson and our 8-year old son, Kaleb. 🚴‍♂️🍺

As with all adventures with kids, we learn a lot about ourselves and life in general. 💡💡

So I wanted to share three lessons learned that are also applicable to you:

1. Take a water break. 🧊

Halfway to our first brewery my son was exhausted. 😢 Although it was annoying for that brief moment, it was expected.

Reality is we all get gassed when we are working towards a goal we have never done before.

The reason it is easier to do something the second time is because you remember milestones along the way to keep pushing you. You can motivate yourself because you know after you cross the bridge it is only 20 minutes longer. However, the first time you cross the bridge, you have no idea how much longer.

Definition of faith in Hebrews 11 is ‘faith of assurance of things hoped for but not seen.’

Same is true in your life. You may not see your goal at the end of the path, but have faith of what you are building towards.

💡💡💡Instead of quitting, do you just need a water break?

Have faith that you are on the right path, but give yourself grace to take a break. We had the water break and got back on our bikes and pedaled to our first brewery.

2. Remember your wins.🥇

We need to log our wins so we can come back to them later in life, or just later that day. That night we were going to soccer practice and I told him to have fun and he mentioned that he was excited for soccer because he biked 10 miles that day. From the car to the field, he walked with his chest puffed out bigger than normal. He walked like a giant to the field.

💡💡💡Where have you won in life?

The greatest way to boost self confidence is to list out the wins in your life. Not only do they boost confidence, but they also boost gratitude. Plus you will walk to your next meeting with a little more swagger. 💪

3. Enjoy the journey more than the trophy 🏆

My son did not like the milkshake at the very end of our ride. He got cookies and cream, instead of chocolate. So he didn’t eat it.

This ‘milk shake’ was the hype and motivator the whole day for him, as if it was the trophy for the long ride.

When he didn’t like it, I was concerned the whole trip would be a bust.

So when I asked him if the bike ride was worth it, he said absolutely and he can’t wait to do the ride again, he just will get chocolate next time. 😀

💡💡💡Are you enjoying your journey or just waiting for the trophy in your own life?

I know from my own experience, plus many others, we must enjoy the journey because the trophy of the corner office, or new job title, or shiny car, always wears out.

For some, it is even disappointing upon arrival, as if, ‘is this it?’.

So for you, fall in love with the journey to ensure it is worth it, because we all know too well, the trophy doesn’t bring joy.

What about you?

So whatever your metaphoric long bike ride is today, have faith in your journey, give yourself grace along the way, and keep pedaling.

You got this!

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Stop #1 , pizza and beer (pink lemonade for Kaleb)
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Stop #2, waiting for the milkshake (ie. Trophy)

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