June 15, 2021 Cory Carlson

How to stay great and control your commitments | Podcast interview with Ron Kitchens

One of my favorite books in the last couple of years has been, “Uniquely You”, by Ron Kitchens. I enjoyed his vulnerability, incredible stories, as well as leadership concepts included in the book.

I had the opportunity to meet Ron before COVID and was impressed with his story.

Ron was born into severe poverty in southern Missouri with a high school aged mom and a dad who died when he was very young. 

He overcame countless challenges to become a successful business owner (multiple times), run a few non-profits, a successful speaker and an author. 

As all great stories, in addition to the highs, his journey took him on a few lows.

One in particular took place when he was on a family vacation in South Padre Island with his family.

That life-changing moment helped him navigate life differently, and one that has been about faith and family, not just work.

In this episode, you’ll discover… 

  • The weird way Excel deepens your love inside your marriage ([2:29]
  • The “Noah’s Arc” strategy to tracking your business which helps you grow faster in less time ([3:32]
  • The “Two Chairs” method for praying that makes it easier and more impactful ([4:27]
  • How embarrassing vulnerability unlocks your authenticity and influences more people than you can even fathom ([19:35]
  • Are all your friends virtual? Here’s how going to church changes that (even if you’re not a member of the church) ([23:55]
  • How achieving more success, wealth, and freedom than you’ve ever had robs your marriage, faith, and happiness ([29:09]
  • Why success is the most addictive substance you can get your hands on (and how to prevent it from sabotaging your life) ([30:44]
  • How moving a ladder every day brainwashes you into staying hyper-focused and patient ([44:14]

Ron Kitchen’s bio:

A visionary Economic Development and Philanthropic Leader with an extensive track record of success in economic development, startup initiatives, leadership development and transforming organizations and communities to attain robust growth with sustaining economic impacts.

Over the nearly 30 years as Chief Executive Officer of economic organizations in Missouri, Texas, Michigan and Alabama I have served as consultant, leader, board member and founder of multiple startups and leadership development organizations.

An engaging public speaker, show host, published author and mentor, my passion is in serving as a catalyst for change in communities, business development, training, and performance. Able to identify opportunities, align stakeholders, realign strategies and ensure viability to advance promising growth and community capitalism, I am committed to continuous growth and sustainable economic development.

A graduate of the UCLA Anderson School of Management Corporate Director program and member of multiple boards including universities, arts organizations, and companies, I am interested in networking, economic development leadership opportunities, and guiding communities and start-up organizations to achieve sustainable growth and success.

Ron is also author of ‘Uniquely You’, a book to transform your organization by becoming the leader only you can be.

If you’d like to connect with Ron, you can email him at ron@ronkitchens.com, text him at (269) 217-9831.

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