November 9, 2021 Cory Carlson

How to not be defined by your addictions or your success | Podcast interview with Will Cox, CEO of Solera Energy



One of the first exercises new clients go through in our coaching program is the SWOT.

Some of you have done a SWOT for companies that you have worked for, but very few of you have done one for yourself.

Where you are the actual entity!

A major breakthrough takes place in coaching when I get to tell the business leaders that they can ‘release’ their failures.

Some have even teared up a little!

Telling them they are no longer defined by their mistakes – their affair, failed business, addiction, credit card debt, or not launching the business or writing the book.

Now, this is not some almighty power I have, but it is a truth.

We are not defined by our past, however, not all of us have been told that, nor maybe even believe it.

Now, once we release it, we can’t choose to stay there.

If we had an affair, we need to make sure we don’t have comprised behavior going forward.

If we had addictions, we need to make sure we are not using, even moderately.

This week’s guest has an incredible story of hitting rock bottom, and being told by someone in his life that he is not defined by that!

Will Cox struggled with addiction and now is CEO of Solera Energy.

His story is soooooo good!

This podcast episode is inspiring and will give each of us hope!


In this episode, you’ll discover… 


  • Why having humility gives you an unfair advantage at winning at home and at work (and how to practice humility) ([2:12]
  • How being the CEO at home pushes your family away (and how to step back without sacrificing your leadership) ([3:48]
  • The “listen with your eyes” secret that prevents work from distracting you when you’re with your kids ([6:30]
  • The weird way overcoming an opiate addiction makes success in business and with God easier ([10:05]
  • The insidious way being a high-achiever makes you more prone to addictions (and how to harness this power to make the world a better place) ([16:43]
  • How to spot a life-changing ray of hope when you’re surrounded by nothing but black clouds ([25:28]
  • Why struggling early in your business to the point where you have to sell your wife’s ring to pay the bills makes success inevitable when you’re following God’s plan ([30:02]

Will Cox Bio

Will Cox is the CEO of Solera Energy LLC, which is the premier leader of solar energy in Missouri and Northwest Arkansas. We were the first to bring solar to the Show-Me State 12 years ago, and we have provided solar to more homes in Missouri than every company in the state combined!

If you’d like to get in touch with Will or learn more about Solera’s solar energy, you can reach out to him at or visit Solera’s website at

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