July 28, 2021 Cory Carlson

How taking baby steps unlocks all your biggest dreams with Tim Senff

I listen to every single podcast episode two times.

The first one is to listen to the raw interview and decide which parts to have the audio engineer cut out, with the intent of getting the episode less than 40 minutes; the industry recommendation.

The second time I listen to the same published version that you do usually at the gym or in my car.

To say the least, I am thrilled to share this episode with you!

Tim is full of wisdom and I found myself taking more notes each time I listened, plus I got a little emotional each time I heard their amazing adoption story of their 4th child.

Plus I love his ‘will gap’ story and his ditch metaphor of selfish ambition versus no ambition.

Two items I have not heard before, but have already shared with others in coaching calls!

In this episode, you’ll discover… 

  • The “Will Gap” reason to why you’re not winning at home and work (and why discipline is the antidote to it) ([2:32]
  • The 2 ambition ditches faith-based people fall into that sabotages their impact and relationship with God ([3:19]
  • Are you “cheating” on your wife with work? Here’s how to overcome your workaholism addiction ([5:28]
  • How too much work success transform you and your wife into business partners (and how to rediscover your love after you drift apart) ([7:36])
  • The weird way trying to help the world cripples your family life ([12:37]
  • How a job demotion helps your family become closer (even if it means you’ll make less money) ([23:14]

Tim Senff’s bio:

Tim is the Mason Community Pastor. Prior to this role, he spent ten years leading ReachOut at Crossroads where he started our international and domestic GO trips and CityLink Center, as well as a two-year stint leading Crossroads’ ministries.

He also serves on the Board of OneCity For Recovery, a non-profit founded by Crossroads Mason to combat the heroin epidemic.

Tim has a passion for traveling, Buckeye football, people, and most anything related to ice cream.

He lives in Mason with Mary, his beautiful wife, and their four kids: Hannah, Leah, Jeremiah and Noah. If you’d like to reach out to Tim, you can email him at tim.senff@crossroads.net.

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