July 13, 2021 Cory Carlson

How parenting helps us have a better relationship with God | Podcast interview with Andrew Plummer of BAM

In recent years, I have done a much better job of following the trail of random connections.

The “old me” would have been quick to dismiss some conversations thinking they were a waste of time.

The “new me” (BTW – still growing in this area) is more open to conversations and the “People of Peace” God puts in my life.

For example, a random encounter in California in 2019 at a BAM conference with Benjamin Schroeder from Germany led to my book, ‘Win at Home First’ getting published in German!

Most recently, Benjamin introduced me to Andrew Plummer, this week’s podcast guest.

In this episode, Andrew shares his incredible story of faith, family, and work.

It is a great one!

In this episode, you’ll discover… 

  • How admitting your failures as a parent to your children raises their respect for you (even if you think it’ll ruin it) ([2:13]
  • Why your ego sabotages your relationships (and the simple two-second trick to swallow your pride) ([3:21]
  • How putting your church before your family destroys your relationship with your kids ([9:26]
  • The “Music Method” for effortlessly encouraging your children to be independently dependent on God ([14:08]
  • How a bone-crushing and coma-inducing accident can turn even the toughest atheists into believers ([24:01]

If you’d like to connect with Andrew, you can connect with him on LinkedIn here or send him an email at andrew@bamtraining.org

How is it going at home and work?

If you’re looking for a resource to help you with these times when your work is now in your home, check out my book Win At Home First on Amazon. Forbes Magazine rated it one of 7 books everyone on your team should read. You can buy the book in German as well!

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