June 30, 2021 Cory Carlson

How authentic vision and values help recruit and retain top talent | Podcast interview with Nic and Jordan from Manning Contracting

I am grateful for Nic Manning and Jordan Gafford of Manning Contracting for sharing their wisdom this week with me on the ‘Win at Home First’ podcast.

We discuss how they use their vision and values to recruit and retain employees.

BTW – this isn’t just smoke and mirrors!!!

A few months ago, Nic was a guest on my podcast and the episode actually attracted two new employees!!! 🎉🎉 (Here is that episode)

One left a much bigger contractor to join Manning after hearing the podcast. Another leader chose Manning over a larger contractor they were interviewing with.


👉Because Nic was very transparent about their vision and values.

Their vision statement has God in it 😳 and they are not shy about it.

Their values are not just a fancy plaque on a wall, but are lived out daily and reinforced through weekly meetings.

They work hard but they value family as well. We even quote previous podcast guest Kirk Perry, when he says, ‘the tie goes to the family’. (Here is that episode)

🔥🔥BTW – putting Purpose and People over Profit is paying off. Manning Contracting was #2 in the Cincinnati Business Courier list of “55 fastest” companies in Cincinnati with revenue growth!

In this episode, you’ll discover… 

  • How to make your team smile when you hand them more work ([4:18]
  • Why putting God in your core values attracts the best people into your business (even if it seems like it repels potential employees and customers) ([5:25]
  • How being vulnerable during initial interviews “ethically forces” candidates to fall in love with working for you ([11:12]
  • The “Character First” hiring method that guarantees you don’t have to fire a new employee as quick as you hired them ([13:27]
  • Why making more money every single month sabotages your company culture (and how to grow your company without bankrupting your culture) ([18:49]
  • The subtle “work for them” mindset shift that makes people line up wanting to work for your company ([33:58])

Nic and Jordan’s bio:

To connect with Nic or Jordan, visit their LinkedIn pages: Nic Manning and Jordan Gafford.

To learn more about Manning Contracting, check out their company website.

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