June 1, 2021 Cory Carlson

Finding Jesus, Servant Leadership, and Your Purpose | Podcast interview with Brett Williams

I am very excited to bring you this week’s podcast!

Brett Williams invited me to be a guest on his podcast, ‘Leading2Sales’.

In my due diligence to see if I wanted to accept the invite, I found out that he had one of my favorite sales gurus, Jeffrey Gitomer, on his podcast!!!

I attended a Jeffrey Gitomer seminar in Kansas City 20 years ago!!!! My thought was, if this guy can get Jeffrey on his podcast, then I want to be close to him and in his orbit!

Well, when I talked with Brett about his podcast, I also asked questions about him and his story. I was blown away.

Brett grew up Morman, went through a religious journey, including atheism, and eventually landed on Christianity.

Brett is an avid family man and a very successful business owner of Leading Linked.

There is so much to learn in this podcast!

In this episode, you’ll discover… 

  • Jesus’s “Servant Secret” for genuine leadership at both work and home ([3:42]
  • How asking your wife to call you out when you’re too focused on work makes your family and business grow stronger (especially when it seems like your business will suffer) ([7:38]
  • The “Safe Word Strategy” that helps you and your wife reconnect after being distant with each other ([11:35]
  • How understanding that love is a choice helps you build a great, indestructible marriage (even during challenging seasons) ([12:30]
  • The counterintuitive way focusing on the humanity in your employees instead of their numbers builds better leaders and a more profitable company ([13:34]
  • The simple 5-word question to ask yourself if you’re in a rut or burnt out that instantly ignites a deep fire in your soul ([18:01]
  • Have trouble saying no to projects? Here’s the weird way a vision statement makes saying no easier than falling off a log ([22:04]
  • The “Input-Output Trick” which helps recharge your energy when you spend every day serving others ([26:22]
  • Why stories are not only the best way to sell products but also for selling faith and leadership ([42:40])

Brett William’s bio:

Brett William’s is CEO of Leading Linked, a digital marketing agency. Brett and his team help businesses combine amazing systems with the power of LinkedIn®, to become industry leaders and grow their bottom line. Brett is also host of the Leading2Sales Live Show & Podcast. Brett lives with his wife, two children, three dogs, and way too many fish, in the beautiful state of North Carolina.

Did you hear?

People are starting to jump into the ‘Confident and Consistent Leader’ challenge starting June 7.

Matter of fact, one business leader is not only excited for his own journey in the challenge but generously blessing somebody with a FREE ticket.

Matthew Dooley is founder and CEO of a marketing agency called Dooley Social Studio and below is his post from social media.

Check it out here on LinkedIn as well.

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