August 24, 2021 Cory Carlson

Desire to win plus the illusion of money | Podcast Interview with Marshall Hyzdu, president of Archbishop Moeller High School

I am always inspired when I hear about a leader who leaves a high-ranking corporate job for a pay cut because it lines up with their purpose.

I am also inspired when leaders make bold moves in scary times.

In this week’s podcast interview with Marshall Hyzdu, you get both, and much more.

Marshall was VP of Marketing for Valvoline and left that job a little over 5 years ago to be President of his alma mater, Moeller High School. For those not from Cincinnati, Moeller is an elite private school in the Cincinnati area.

Marshall continued with his boldness by making aggressive moves in recent years.  Marshall helped lead the highest capital campaign in Moeller history, as well as built facilities and other campus improvements, in 2020.

When other leaders hit pause on bold moves during the quarantine and crazy year 2020 was, Marshall and his team chose to make an investment in their future.

All the while, Marshall works hard to win in his marriage and raising his 3 boys.

In this episode, you’ll discover… 

  • Why reading Colossians [3:23] every morning puts winning at work and at home on “easy mode” ([4:23]
  • How communicating your shortcomings with your spouse helps you avoid combative arguments ([7:55]
  • The insidious way the “illusion of money” tricks you into sacrificing your dream life for meaningless green paper ([10:55]
  • Why a recession is the best opportunity to grow and expand your business ([17:23]
  • How having your phone in your pocket slowly erodes your relationship with your family ([27:00]

If you’re in the Cincinnati area and want to connect with Marshall, you can send him an email at

Marshall Hyzdu Bio

J. Marshall Hyzdu is the second president of Archbishop Moeller High School. As President and a Moeller alumnus, Marshall Hyzdu is dedicated to deepening Moeller’s tradition of academic excellence, its commitment to its Catholic and Marianist identity, and its engagement with the alumni and Moeller family.

A 1996 graduate of Moeller High School, Hyzdu not only was the school vice president and finished in the top 10 of his class, but he also played linebacker and served as captain of the football team. Hyzdu learned a lot in his years at Moeller that he values and continues to carry with him throughout his career and life. “Moeller taught me to be a leader and a teammate. My best friends are from Moeller because we formed a bond of brotherhood, rooted in faith and family, that I cherish and will continue to carry with me for life.”

After graduating from Moeller, Hyzdu attended Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, where he earned a double major in history and psychology while playing four years of football. To further enhance his career Hyzdu went on to earn a Master of Business Administration from the University of Michigan Ross Business School.

Beyond bringing his strong educational background to Moeller, Hyzdu brings significant leadership, management, and marketing experience. His professional background includes investment banking, as well as over 12 years of brand management experience at Kraft Foods, Valvoline, and Bridgestone where he established a track record of success in building well-known brands, while also delivering strong business results.

Marshall and his wife, Sara, are the proud parents of three sons, James (Moeller Class of 2032), Teddy (Moeller Class of 2033), and AJ (Moeller Class of 2035).

BTW – I had the opportunity to speak to the Moeller leadership team a few weeks ago.

Here is what the Athletic Director of Moeller said after my talk. So if you are looking for a speaker, reach out or click here to learn more:

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