September 7, 2021 Cory Carlson

Blowing people away and finding new opportunities | Podcast interview with David Falk, owner of Boca Restaurant Group

Odds are if you live in Cincinnati, one of your favorite restaurants is owned by David Falk.


If you don’t live in Cincinnati, he has restaurants located in 4 other cities, so you may have checked out his incredible food there.


Boca, Sotto, and Nada are his three restaurants. They are all amazing and each is a different experience.


I heard David talk from Crossroads Church main stage a few years ago, about BPA, Blow People Away.

This value embodies their culture and defines the experience you have when you dine at any of his restaurants.


I wanted David on the podcast to ask him a few questions.

How did he balance his desire for excellence at work, yet, not be over the top with excellence in his home life?


As a coach for a living, I have this tension of carrying what I do during the day for clients, into my home life. For example, my wife and kids don’t want me to coach them and ask them their vision statement. 🙂


Learning about mindset has been critical for me these last 18 months.


I wanted to know how David navigated the last 18 months since the restaurant industry was one of the hardest-hit industries in the pandemic.

The list goes on of questions I wanted to ask him.

David did not disappoint.

Check out the podcast.

David Falk Bio

Champion of blowing people away, Chef and Owner David Falk inspires the menu and elevates the dining experience for guests from the kitchen to the dining room and beyond.

Chef Falk graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and has come up the ranks at prominent restaurants across the country and world, including Spiaggia and Charlie Trotter’s in Chicago, Ristorante Paris in Rome, and Ristorante Dulcamara with Chef Pierre Luigi de Campo in Province of Florence.

In this episode, you’ll discover…

  • Why “sprinting” makes you burnout from work, wrecks your home life, and can even cause weight gain ([3:34]
  • How doing everything yourself sucks the joy out of your work and strains your relationship with your kids (and the simple mindset tweak that reverses this) ([6:54]
  • 3 steps for blowing people away that can turn random strangers into loyal customers and revive your relationship with your family ([11:56]
  • The “Shepherd Strategy” for raising your kids without being too hard on them or turning them into spoiled brats ([14:54]
  • Why disciplining your children as toddlers puts parenting on “easy mode” (even if it makes you feel like a jerk) ([19:32]
  • The “Car Accident” experiment that erases your arrogance overnight ([24:57]

If you want to experience what David and his restaurants are like, visit a Boca Restaurant Group (LinkedIn page) restaurant in Cincinnati next time you eat out – Boca, Sotto, Nada, and Domo.

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