September 14, 2021 Cory Carlson

Are you visible and available to the important people in your life? | Podcast Interview with Brandon Carson, VP of L&D at Walmart

Brandon Carson, this week’s ‘Win at Home First’ podcast guest, is a VP with Walmart, and a thought leader in the learning and development space.

I came across Brandon on LinkedIn and really liked his comments around company culture. After doing some research, I reached out to him and he agreed to be on the podcast.

Our conversation was very informative and Brandon is a wealth of knowledge as his resume includes other high-level positions at Delta, Home Depot, and Microsoft.

There were many parts of the episode that were beneficial, especially his take on time management and blocking out time for yourself.

Brandon has lots of responsibility, yet he blocks out 3 hours for reflection each day!

You have to listen to that part….especially if you think you can’t even block out 10 minutes a day for yourself because you are too busy!

Great stuff.

Well, that was just one key takeaway of this episode.

There were many nuggets on this episode, but one that I continue to think about was our conversation about his last phone call with his mom.

The conversation changed him and it may in fact change you!

Check out this week’s episode!

In this episode, you’ll discover… 

  • How bringing your “real self” warts and all into work everyday helps you win at work and home ([4:16]
  • Why sitting on your sofa thinking without technology is the most profitable way to spend your time ([12:17]
  • The counterintuitive way blocking your time lets you finish 10 hours of work in only 8 hours (even if it feels unproductive in the moment) ([16:53]
  • Apple’s collaboration secret that can wipe out your ego in a jiffy ([25:26]

If you want to hear how you can gain back your time, You’ll really enjoy this episode.

Brandon Carson Bio:

Brandon Carson is the Vice President of Learning and Leadership at Walmart. He has extensive experience in developing learning strategies, leading teams, and implementing learning technology at scale.
He has authored two books, Learning in the Age of Immediacy and L&D’s Playbook for the Digital Age both from ATD Press.
In 2020, he founded L&D Cares (, a community-focused volunteer organization that provides learning, support, and growth opportunities for talent professionals to thrive and flourish in their careers.
He holds a M.Ed in Educational Technology, a BA in Business, and certification in advanced analysis. Learn more about Brandon at

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