May 11, 2021 Cory Carlson

Are you training your mind, body and soul everyday? Podcast interview with Jimmy Page

I have a tendency to overswing.

Sometimes they are healthy reasons. Other times, not so much.

For example, I can overswing due to passion. I love an idea and I want to implement it in my own life.

Other times, it is out of FOMO (fear of missing out). If this person is implementing it in their life and getting positive results, then I have to as well.

This week’s podcast episode was one of those moments where I went and probably overswang on lots of ideas 😂

Jimmy Page is married, father of 4 grown kids, speaker, author, Western Region director with FCA, strong in his faith, and a very wise man.

In this episode, you’ll discover… 

  • Why getting trapped in your “Business Identity” sabotages your relationship at home (and how to uncover who you truly are) ([3:43]
  • How paying your kids for reading the Bible “ethically forces” them to embrace Jesus into their lives ([12:37]
  • The “Wisdom Walks Method” that makes the Bible more kid-friendly and impactful ([14:01]
  • How your ego subconsciously creates conflict in your family (and how “killing yourself” frees you from your ego) ([27:25]
  • The weird way being selfish in the morning eliminates your bad days ([33:42]
  • Why training every day grows your business and moves you closer to God ([35:01]

If you’d like to get in touch with Jimmy, you can send him an email at or check out his website at

Jimmy Page’s bio:

Jimmy Page serves as the West Divisional Vice President of Field Ministry for FCA. He is a Spartan competitor, wellness expert, speaker, and author of several books including One Word, True Competitor, Wisdom Walks, Life Word, Called to Greatness, PrayFit, and the newly released One Word for Kids

Jimmy is a leadership coach and frequent speaker for businesses, schools, sports teams, and non-profits like the NCAA, NFL, Intel, National Security Agency (NSA), YMCA, Salvation Army, State Farm, Baltimore Ravens, and many others.

He and his wife, Ivelisse, started a cancer foundation called following her victory over cancer. They live in Fort Collins, Colorado, and have 4 grown kids.

You can reach him at or follow him at @JimmyPage37.

The Confident & Consistent Leader Challenge

Are you stuck?

Are you wandering?

Are you confident that you are doing all the right things to set your kids up for success?

What about your direct reports and their development?

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I’m launching The Confident & Consistent Leader Challenge on June 7th to help you grow in the four main areas of your life: you, marriage, parenting, and business.

This is content and tools that have helped the executive clients I have worked with in one-on-one calls for the last few years, however, I am making it available for more leaders through this challenge.

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Cory Carlson

Cory Carlson is passionate about connecting people to greater performance and more significant purpose. Cory's competency of extensive sales/marketing and team development mixed with character of helping people have greater impact allows him to transform businesses and their leadership. As the leader goes, so does the company...and home. Cory's professional experience includes being President of Sales for national contractor, interactions with private equity ownership, boardroom meetings, to sales call with sales personnel. Coaching experience ranges from one-on-ones with CEOs/Executives to team workshops/retreats. If looking for holistic growth, let's connect!