October 6, 2020 Cory Carlson

Are you still excited about your future?

My 16-year-old daughter was embarrassed 😩 I shot this video while college kids walked around us – but I had to share this thought with all of you!


What are you dreaming about in the years ahead?

Or have you allowed the stress and busyness of life to drain you? 🙁

My daughter and I did unofficial college visits to University of South Carolina, Clemson University, and University of Tennessee, Knoxville recently.

During our visits we had so much fun dreaming and talking about her future. 🎉

However, I was reminded that as we get older we tend to stop dreaming about our very own futures.

We stop being excited for what is next.

We get bored in the mundane tasks of the day.

Bogged down by the stresses of life.

However we have to change that.

We need hope for our futures.

Excitement for what is to come.

So what are you excited about?

Look up with excitement for what is in your future.

The best is yet to come. 👍

Cory Carlson

Cory Carlson is passionate about connecting people to greater performance and more significant purpose. Cory's competency of extensive sales/marketing and team development mixed with character of helping people have greater impact allows him to transform businesses and their leadership. As the leader goes, so does the company...and home. Cory's professional experience includes being President of Sales for national contractor, interactions with private equity ownership, boardroom meetings, to sales call with sales personnel. Coaching experience ranges from one-on-ones with CEOs/Executives to team workshops/retreats. If looking for holistic growth, let's connect!