August 31, 2021 Cory Carlson

Are you looking for opportunities to surrender parts of your life? | Podcast Interview with with Shawn Askinosie, owner of Askinosie Chocolate

A couple of months ago my family and I did a college tour to the University of Missouri, my alma mater.
We were going to Missouri to see family, and since my daughter will be attending college next year, we wanted to do another college visit.
Kiley, my 17-year old, is considering a pre-law degree followed by attending law school.
So, we walked through the University of Missouri Law School and had a blast as we walked very quietly around the library, and then she got to play an attorney in the courtroom!
As we walked out of the building, we passed by a ‘Hall of Fame’ type display of former Mizzou law school alums.
In the display was the book, ‘Meaningful Work: A quest to do great business, find your calling and feed your soul’ by Shawn Askinosie, Class of 1989.
The book title and subtitle piqued my interest in a guy I wanted to know.
I did some research and was impressed by his story of a very successful criminal attorney (never lost a case!!) who wasn’t happy with his purpose.
So he went on a quest and now he runs a chocolate company with his daughter, Askinosie Chocolate.
Yes, crazy and inspiring story, and the podcast goes even deeper.
It is awesome.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

In this episode, you’ll discover… 

  • Why following Paul’s advice and taking your thoughts captive makes it almost impossible to lose at work and at home ([4:04]
  • How mindful breathing and phone notifications prevent your emotions from derailing your during hectic days ([6:07]
  • Why having dinner with your family every night and going on date nights with your wife isn’t enough to with at home (and the one skill you must have) ([11:40]
  • How your “separate self” thrives on money and fame and makes your “true self” vanish (especially when you’re making money by helping others) ([25:18]
  • Why your own mind is more cunning and deceiving to your spiritual journey than the dark forces of the world ([28:43]

If you’d like to connect with Shawn, you can read his blog here, or send him an email at You can also check out his Askinosie Chocolate shop and order chocolate from Shawn here. 

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