September 20, 2021 Cory Carlson

Are you living a consistent and resilient life? | Podcast interview with Brian Tome, founding and senior pastor of Crossroads Church

This week’s podcast guest has had a major impact on my life.  Not because we spend a ton of time together, because we don’t. Matter of fact, I have never had a beer with him or even had a long individual conversation with him that was not recorded. Including this weeks episode, we have recorded two conversations together. I was also featured on his podcast, ‘The Aggressive Life’, which you can listen to, here

However, Brian Tome, the founding and senior pastor of Crossroads Church in Cincinnati, has had a major impact through his teachings and his content, such as books, blogs, and podcasts.

I am also very grateful for him and the church as it has been instrumental in my family’s and my spiritual journey for the last decade. We have participated in great experiences like Man Camp for me, Woman Camp for my wife, and this summer, my son and I did Father / Son camp. 

BTW – Check out this post on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn to see about our Father/Son camp…while you are there, make sure to follow or connect with me!   

So to get to talk with Brian was awesome.  We barely got through the list of questions I had for him, but what we did talk about was just what leaders need to hear right now.

The importance of resilience in our marriage and families.

How to battle comparison in our lives and in our jobs.

Plus his surprising take on incorporating faith in the home.

There is so much more.

Check it out here.

In this episode, you’ll discover… 

  • Why resiliency is the single best way to crush it in business and at home ([4:49]
  • How finding a hobby for you and your wife is a cheat code to a long and fulfilling marriage ([6:51]
  • The weird way having more stress cracks in your life helps you build a stronger marriage ([6:51]
  • How having difficult conversations with your wife early in your marriage prevents you from getting a divorce ([8:54]
  • The “Separate Environment” secret for making your marriage better even when you’re apart ([13:07]
  • How to lead your children to God (even if you never lead Bible studies with them) ([16:41]
  • Why comparing yourself to others helps you form your identity (and how to stop so you can finally be the true you) ([21:31]

Brian Tome’s Bio

Brian Tome is the founding and senior pastor of Crossroads Church, 2017’s fastest-growing church in America. Brian has authored four books including his best-

seller, The Five Marks of a Man. He also hosts The Aggressive Life podcast.

As an entrepreneur, Brian has opened several other non-profits and started Man Camp, a primitive weekend camping experience that has helped tens of thousands of men reclaim the code of manhood. An avid adventure motorcyclist, Brian rides tens of thousands of miles and camps more than 30 nights a year.

Brian has also released an adventure ride TV show called Phantom Lake, available on Amazon Prime. He is married with three children and lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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