May 18, 2021 Cory Carlson

Are you leading with openness? Race, Humility, and Listening with J.R. Foster

I have heard a lot about JR but have never been able to pin him down until now!

JR Foster is a successful business owner, father, husband, and also very involved in the community. He is a faith filled man and driven to make a difference in everything he touches.

We talk about some tough subjects, like humility in leadership, race in America and his recommendation for on how to handle conversations, and so much more.

I loved the conversation.

In this episode, you’ll discover… 

  • How a weekly date night prevents you and your spouse from getting trapped in the day to day that suffocates relationships ([3:35]
  • Why investing in your marriage like a business “scales” the love you both have for each other ([4:51]
  • 4 things to do every day before your family wakes up that puts your business and family growth on steroids ([13:10]
  • The admittedly “woo woo” mindset trick that seems silly but works like gangbusters for achieving your wildest dreams ([14:39]
  • How stepping back as a leader helps recoup losing 80% of your revenue overnight ([21:36]

If you’d like to connect with J.R., you can shoot him a text at 513-284-9128 or send him an email at

J. R. Foster’s bio:

J.R. is seen as an innovative real estate mind in helping create one of the most diverse minority-owned commercial real estate firms in the country that provides brokerage services, investment advisory, commercial investment banking, along with property management services. His experience having worked in various roles within the commercial real estate and banking industry has given him the ability to form such a cutting-edge company. With a ‘client-first’ culture, Robert Louis Group is primed to help higher education, investors, corporations, government agencies and nonprofits with all of their real estate needs along with their MBE spend goals.

Today, he is responsible for the strategic leadership, innovation and new client growth of Robert Louis Group.

James R. Foster started his commercial real estate career with Jones Lange LaSalle over a decade ago (formerly The Staubach Company). With a long-term goal of forming a full-service commercial real estate brokerage, capital, and facilities maintenance firm, he spent the better part of his career gaining industry experience at JLL, Lehman Brothers, and JP Morgan. He quickly became a trusted real estate advisor to public and private entities across the country in all aspects of their real estate needs from finance to brokerage. In March of 2013, he co-founded Robert Louis Group, with David Hornberger, one of the only minority-certified full-service commercial real estate brokerage and capital market firms in the country; which today he serves as the President and CEO.

In addition to being the CEO of Robert Louis Companies, J.R. is actively involved in the betterment and development of Cincinnati. He strives to make Cincinnati a better place to live, visit and attract new talent and families.

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