May 25, 2021 Cory Carlson

Are you leading authentically? Faith, Family, and Leadercast | Podcast interview with Joe Boyd

There have been a couple of podcasts that when the conversation is over, I have even more respect for the leader than when it started.

I have always respected Joe Boyd for his diverse background.

  • Pastor of a mega-church in Cincinnati
  • Was a comedian on the strip in Las Vegas
  • Lived in Hollywood as an actor
  • Wrote and produced a handful of movies
  • Founder of a cool company in Cincinnati (Rebel Pilgrim)
  • and now CEO of LeaderCast – a top tier leadership summit – some may argue the best leadership summit.

Well, I knew all that going into the call.

What I didn’t know was how authentic and vulnerable he would be. He shared his battles with depression and anxiety, and how he works through it. This is gold for many of us coming out of the last 18 months where we each faced some form of depression, isolation, anxiety, etc.

Joe also shares how he has questioned his faith and religion along the way. Once again, so much we all can learn from his thoughts on this subject as well.

This is a fantastic episode.

If you are still not convinced that you want to listen, check out these amazing show notes:

  • The “One Day Away” mindset shift that almost instantly curbs your depression ([6:11]
  • Why you feel “long-term tired” even when you sleep well and exercise (and how to easily reset so you’re the best version of yourself) ([7:38]
  • Do you battle anxiety and depression? Here are 4 simple ways to break those cycles before you self-destruct ([9:41]
  • The weird way your church can stunt your faith ([23:48]
  • How leaving the day-to-day of your business makes it run more smoothly and profitably (especially if you think stepping away will cause your company to crash and burn) ([29:42]
  • The counterintuitive way doubting your faith in front of your children helps them embrace Jesus with open arms ([34:59]

You can follow Joe on Twitter at You can learn more about his video production company, Rebel Pilgrim here: as well as check out his new role as CEO, for the leadership event company, Leadercast here:

Joe Boyd’s bio:

I’m the Co-Founder and CEO of Rebel Pilgrim and the CEO of Leadercast.

Rebel Pilgrim Creative Agency exists to help you tell the right story in the right way to the right audience. We live and die on the hill of storytelling. Our services include higher-end video production, live event production, and storytelling training and workshops.

Leadercast exists to fill the world with leaders worth following. It is the largest one-day leadership event in the world, with hundreds of sites broadcasting the event all over the world. Our next event, SHIFT, is August 11, 2021 at The Fifth Third Arena in Cincinnati. Our speakers include Guy Raz, Rainn Wilson, Austin Channing Brown and Cris Carter. More info at

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