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Short story (aka My Bio)

As an entrepreneur, former executive, husband, and father of three, Cory Carlson understands the pressures working parents face. He is passionate about helping business leaders win both at work and home.

Twenty years in corporate America gave Cory amazing opportunities as he worked his way up to the executive level. But he also saw brokenness: work without purpose, strained marriages, and absentee parents. Business leaders especially were often not living life to the fullest. When Cory discovered coaching, it helped him become a better leader, husband, and father. So he left his corporate career to help other leaders achieve a healthier work-life balance. Currently, Cory lives in Cincinnati with his awesome wife and three amazing children.

Cory has a Civil Engineer degree from University of Missouri and a MBA from Rockhurst University.

Cory is the author of Win at Home First, an inspirational guide to work-life balance.  His book was Amazon #1 New Release in 3 Categories and listed in FORBES as ‘7 Books Everyone On Your Team Should Read’.

Cory is also the host of Win at Home First podcast to help business leaders win at both home and work.

Follow Cory on social media (@carlsoncory) and www.corymcarlson.com.

Longer Story

I worked in ‘corporate America’ for 20 years – had a great time, had some amazing opportunities, but also saw and experienced brokenness…..people exhausted, marriages impacted, parents not around their kids, working for ‘the man’ and not feeling like I was making an impact.

Six years ago, I got an Executive Coach and it changed my life. The coaching content and process led to the transformation of me being a better husband, father, and leader. I want to help others change their life as well.

In my last corporate job, I was President of Sales for a national contractor and I used the coaching tools and framework on 30 direct reports and saw these individuals change. They started to date their spouses again, be more intentional with their kids, increase their leadership capacity, and have a greater purpose.

In the spring of 2016, I felt a nudge from God to do this full time instead of just with these 30 direct reports. Now, I am on a mission to share the content and experience to help others live life to the full….and it is working!

I live in Cincinnati, OH with my amazing and supportive wife of 20 years, Holly, and three incredible kids who put up with the good and bad of having an executive coach for a dad.

Please connect and I would love to see if there was a way to work together and help guide you through this season!


One-on-One Coaching

What is it…..Cory works with leaders ranging from entrepreneurs / founders, to CEOs of small to medium size companies, and Executives of Fortune 50 companies. Cory provides essential and practical tools, allowing leaders to develop areas such as situational leadership, vision casting, cultural development and more.

Why do you need it…..to take business and life decisions to next level, have an outside perspective and wise counsel to help navigate difficult decisions.

Team Coaching

What is it….Cory works with teams in group training sessions as well as one-on-one coaching sessions. The group training sessions allow for all team members to hear the content at the same content. The one-on-one sessions allow for personal application of the tools in their individual role.

Why does your team need it….All teams have a culture, whether on accident or on purpose. Coaching provides common tools and language to help drive and create culture. A culture that is learning, humble, yet thriving where people work as a team and not as a means to an end.